Property Solution Services

Coupled with the extensive experience of our real estate professionals, we are familiar with the local regulations and rules. We tackle with solutions that enhance the value of the investments for clients.

Building Survey / Property Disclosure Report -

The property disclosure report is one of the most important documents in the process of buying real estate, real estate securitization, merger and acquisitions.

Our building survey covers legal issues, such as ownership problems, legal disputes concerning the property, environmental hazards, and other things that affect property’s desirability or value.

Those reports can be used as an executive summary report or a property condition disclosure statement based on Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act.

Boundary Survey / Disputes between Adjoining Property Owners -

Boundary disputes can be the leading cause of troubles with land transactions, and buying land with unclear boundaries can lead to issues later on.

An official land survey is carried out with our qualified surveyors, and each neighbor. Adjoining property owners each sign documents to confirm the boundary markers are correct. The survey is then submitted to the local city office.

Brokerage -

As a certified real estate broker, we provide brokerage service for the disposition and acquisition including tenant-leasing or brokerage service that promote effective use of real estate.

Also, we play intermediary role of executing an agreement of trust beneficiary interest in real estate as a Class 2 Financial Instruments Business Operator.

CRE Strategy and Consulting -

We provide you with a clear overview of your properties, otherwise involved time-consuming paperwork, so that you can easily consult key issues of the properties.

Our professionals will guide you throughout every step of the process, from initially defining the strategy on the right track through to the final goal.

We provide you a wide range of one-stop service including property valuation and cost reduction of the property by collaborating with valuation / advisory and property management division.

Valuation Services

Securitization property -

Valuation associated with purchases / sales of J-REITs, private placement funds, and trust beneficiary rights

Commercial property -

Office, residential, retail (GMS, shopping mall, theme park, amusement facilities), warehouse, factory and plant, hospitality (hotels), healthcare (hospitals, nursing-care facilities), embassy and chancery

Leasehold property -

Services associated with litigation and arbitration on rental revisions (arrangements for attorneys, preparation of written opinions, preparation of counterarguments, explanations of records of court proceedings, meetings)

Other valuation -

  1. Valuation of lease tenant rights, limited proprietary rights of land, rented house rights, superficies rights, and air rights associated with purchases and sales, exchanges, collateral, litigation, inheritance, purchases / sales between relatives and related parties, and contributions in kind
  2. Valuation associated with asset-impairment accounting, joint ownership of buildings, equivalent exchanges, demergers, M&A, civil rehabilitation proceedings, and corporate reorganization proceedings, valuation of industrial foundations and tourism foundations

Our Features

Extensive valuation experience and expertise

We have gained valuation experiences more than 10,000 commercial properties nationwide. We are particularly experienced in valuing commercial properties.

Valuation of leased properties for rental revisions

We have handled many arbitration and litigation cases in which we achieved upward and downward rental revisions using valuation reports on appropriate rents for continued leasing. We have expertise in dealing with counterparty attorneys.

Valuation of securitization properties in accordance with revised Japanese Real Estate Valuation Standards as well as RICS Valuation Standards

Advanced modeling and reporting systems which is subject to Both Japanese and International Valuation Standards and applies double-checking internal procedure in place.

Accurate valuation from the perspectives of other businesses

ENRIX CO., LTD. is very unique and one of the few valuation firms in Japan to value real estate from the perspectives of real estate valuation, real estate business solutions, and building management.